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two lights {k-film}

Some months ago, I had read in the news about a much-viewed film.  What had caught my attention about this particular one is that it is in fact a film, but that it lasts for only about a half hour.  When I had read that news article, I thought, Whoa.  Just a half hour long?  I should check it out one day.

But like most of my mental notes, it too had gone out the rear door of my memory.

Then last week, the mom and I had us a movie night together at home.  I clicked among the different titles and tried to remember which ones I should go back to choosing our one movie for that night from.  Then I had come upon this poster image of that short film.  “Oh hey!  There’s that one I was supposed to check out one dayI,” I told the mom.



Since I’m a major fan of short films (the shorter the betta), I did the deciding for the two of us, and selected that one for us watch together.  Even if it might end up being a majorly cheesy romance story, at least it’s only a half-hour of cheesyness to endure, I figured.



Its title is Two Lights: Relumino.  It stars Jimin and Hyungshik.

Years ago, I had enjoyed watching a Korean television drama series that Jimin had starred in called Cain and Abel.  (The lead actor opposite her was the actor, Soji.  Yep, the sis’ fav male actor.)

Jimin’s role in that drama was to be a North Korean defector who was searching for her older brother, who had gone to South Korea ahead of her.  Besides her being a swell actress in that series, I had also admired her for being a great “helper” to others too.

In one of the past seasons of the show Three Meals a Day, in which celebrity cast members learn how to live off the land in the countryside or seaside, she had been one of the visiting guests to appear.  She was really helpful with the cooking and cleaning tasks, and appeared to be great company for the other cast members on the show.  Unlike some past guests, who had just kinda sat around, and waited for the regular cast members to prepare their days’ meals for them.  Considering that each meal took about 3-4 hours to complete cooking (starting from harvesting the veggies or catching the seafood, to putting on the cooking fire with the chopped firewood), the meal wait times were pretty long.  So it was always super when the visiting guests helped out.

Opposite Jimin in this short film is Hyungshik, who may appear familiar to ya, as he had played the prince dude in the Korean drama series called Hwarang and is also a member of a male group called Z:EA.

The mom and I had greatly enjoyed watching this film from its start to its very end.  Although my main reason for checking it out was due to it having been a short one, I had actually ended up wishing it had been longer, when we had got to its end.

In the film’s story, the couple are both blind.  Considering that the two of ’em couldn’t see how the other person looked, it was indeed true love (twoo wuv).

So if you might have a half hour of free time to watch a short film one day, then I’d like to suggest to ya this one.

Click “cc” for English subtitles.