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They, Each, We, and I


Such a time as this: #MeToo

Such a surprise.

Such a day I could not fathom as ever coming.

Such a thing so incredible to see

and hear and read about.


They are older now.

Both women and men.

They now tell their stories

after so much time has long passed.


Each had felt the shock.

Each had felt the fear.

Each had felt the shame.

Each had been powerless.


Each had hidden those moments.

Those times.

Those long, long seconds in time.


Many had tried to find a place.

Maybe a real place.

Maybe a place they had been in

only in their minds.


Somewhere to somehow rest.

Somewhere to somehow be in safety.


Will it happen again?

Will it happen today?

Will someone not help?

Their minds ask over and over again.

Their mind’s constant agony.


I must hurry to hide.

I must hurry.

But no door will keep me safe, I know.

Not even a locked one.

God help me, the door does not lock.


Days have turned into years.

Years have turned into more years.

A poor memory has become a blessing.

An even poorer one is much longed for.


We all have our stories.

We all have our hardships.

We all have our pains.


No family can bring me comfort.

No person can bring me comfort.

Only God can help me.

Because He has always helped me.

Each and every time.


In darkness, He had comforted me.

In silence, He had sat with me.


God continues to pull me through.

He continues to give me hope.

He continues to show His love for me.

He continues to help me to live again.



“For I have given rest to the weary

and joy to the sorrowing.”


~ Jeremiah 31:25






the molestor


My molestor has returned for a “visit”.

This time he did not bring his grown early twenties-aged children in tow.

When he had brought them the last time,

are they his method of “camouflage”?, I had wondered.

He thinks I’ve forgotten because I had been young.

Under age ten, I had been back then, I know.

When it was late in the dark, he would come to my bed.

And believing I would not tell, he had been correct.

Years and years have gone by, and yet I have not confronted him.

What would be the use?  Would I really be “healed” after?

I will most likely continue to let more years to pass.

Because keeping “our secret” is what the power of shame can do.

During his visit, I made sure to hurry away into my room.

Locking my door, I had tried hard to shut his voice out.

But purposefully, I know he would always speak louder.

And his horrid, even louder laughter, had made me cringe and shudder.

As much as I could, I had tried to stay away from his path.

But during his visit, there had been at least a number of face-to-face moments.

It was smugness, I know I seen.

Yes, it was his face full of smugness and his laughters so loud,

which will stay with me in my mind for many days,

as more years upon years, will most likely again pass.

He had left this time, without leaving us with a “fake” prayer.

For the last time, he had prayed proudly aloud.

But with his grown children with him, that time had been.

Which was why I believe they had been his manner of screen.

As he grinned to me whenever he could with his sly self,

he had most likely believed that his secret was solid,

and no longer did he need to bring his family with him and pretend.


Because God is, I have hope.

Because He sees and knows, and will always, always give correct judgment, I have hope.

And because Jesus saves, I look up and can face another day.


“I have told you all this so that you may have peace in Me.

Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows.

But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”


John 16:33



“Here I Am Lord”