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a k-postie rerun

Please Note:  This post may take awhile to load due to a number ‘o clips having been included.


My new motto:

If even you are bored of reading what you just wrote, trash it.

I honestly had spent about 3 hours writing a post just now.  Three…whole…hours.  Ah, so much wasted time!  But as much as I had tried to edit it this way and that, it was still, a big fat bore (cue building-shaking snoring sounds).

So I dumped da dagnabbit doozy.

Around this time ‘o the month, I usually share with my friends around the world a K-stuffs postie (stuffaroos on Korean tunes and shows).  But because I hadn’t watched any this month (ain’t that sumthin’), what am I to do?

What else, but break out them K-reruns.

For those of y’all who’ve been following me for awhile, I shall hereby apologize to ya once again for reposting these for the umpteenth time.  Yes, this is what happens when one deletes their blogs again and again into the oblivion.

Or deletes the posts within their current blog.  I know, I shouldn’t have.  But I done did it already.  Not sure why, but I just do that kinda thing.  Somehow, it feels like I’m cleanin’ house.  Dumpin’ clutter.  Sumthin’ like that.  Sigh.

Therefore, with this blog right here having run for about half a year now, I’m trying my bestest to keep it going without turning in to the urge to chuck it as well.  (Blog check!  Check.  Check good.)

It was great to see that the American version of the Masked Singer show had been a hit at the beginning of this year.  The fam and I used to watch the Korean one (The King of Mask Singer) together on a regular weekly basis.  But because I hadn’t watched the show in awhile, I’d like to share with y’all my past fav competitors.

Click cc for song lyrics in English.


the one who shoulda won:  the cricket

One of my posts on Korean tunes and shows which I hadn’t deleted from this blog is “the cricket’s rain“.  Mainly, cuz I had written on there a pretty swell haiku.  Okay, it’s probably wrote up all wrong, but it was one ‘o my first attempts at poetry writing.  (Future poet, holla!)

The dude who sang behind the cricket mask was a singer surnamed Jang, who was the first fella whom the fam and I thought shoulda won that week (and year).  Today, he is part of the show’s regular panel who give their take on the competitors each week.  I’m hoping he returns to compete on the show again.


the best pair:  the melon vs the peach

Ain’t nobody sang together with such harmony as these two.


the best audience swooner:  white color-clothed michael jackson

There were 2 fellas dressed as Michael Jackson for Round 1 of this particular week’s show.  It was the Chinese-Canadian singer named Henry, who was dressed in a white-colored outfit, vs someone (can’t remember who) dressed in the black-colored outfit.  As you can tell from this clip, it was his song of choice called “Because You’re My Woman”, which had caused for them virtual hearts to go a-flyin’!


the best new lead vocalist:  the mondrian

One of the songs which is often used to compete with on K-singing competition shows is called “Turning the Pages of Memories”, due to it having some way up there high notes.  The young ‘un behind The Mondrian mask was Joochan, who is the lead vocalist for a new Kpop group, and this was his first solo performance.  He said he had chosen to sing this particular song because it was his Mom’s favorite.  Aw.

Click here to listen to his full song with lyrics in English.


the best green hair:  the scrooge

Years ago, the mom’s friend had given to her a T-shirt, after having attended a concert in Korea.  Because of its color, the mom had handed it to me to wear, instead.  But because of its too small size, I had put it away into my closet, to wear if ever I was to lose enough weight (never did) to fit into it.

One day, as I was cleaning out my closet, I decided to open up that T-shirt.  It was a bright Kermit-y green color.  But when I unfolded it out completely, that was when I saw what was on the bottom of it:  SS501!  (pronounced as “double S, five-oh-one”).

Although the group hasn’t disbanded yet, they seem to have gone defunct for some years now.  One of their tunes which I thought was pretty good is called “Deja vu“.  Jongmin is one of its members and had appeared on this show as The Scrooge.  When he had removed his mask, check out that nicely undamaged-lookin’ green-dyed hair!


Right when you’re probably thinkin’ I must only post on male singers…

the one who shoulda won longer:  red mouse (or red mouth)

One of the most-viewed Korean action films of all time is called The Man from Nowhere (or also known as Ajusshi).  I haven’t posted on this K-movie, due to just about everyone having watched it already.  I’ve even seen it shown on the AMC channel a coupla times years before, while channel surfing.  So the main OST song for this movie, which is called “Dear”, is pretty much immediately recognized by fans of the film.  With her clear and strong voice, The Red Mouse was a sure winner for this round.  But alas, she had lost only about 2 weeks later.  Hoping she competes again soon and wins for a longer number of weeks.  Yeah!


Hope these K-tunes had been a enjoyable listen for ya.  Have a great weekend, y’all!