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for the luv ‘o bacon and the singin’ cyclist

Howdy, y’all!

I just read a post about bacon and here I was eatin’ bacon.  Ha!

One day, I was starting a new job.  Whenever I tell people about this particular past job, they always freak out.  Always.  Like it’s such a demeaning type of work, that they can’t believe I would stoop so low to be employed at such an occupation in my life.

For me, a job is a job.  A paycheck is a paycheck.  And this job was perfect for me at the time, because it had:

  • not too long hours
  • hours during the graveyard shift, so I could take care of my Pops during the daytime
  • learn it without requiring very much on-the-job-training

What kind of job was it?  I was a dishwasher.  I worked inside the kitchens of 2 restaurants of a local mid-sized hotel.

The job entailed spraying off the food from the plates and utensils, then stacking them on trays to push into a big dishwasher.  Then I’d wash the big pots, pans, and machine mixing bowls (the giant ones the bakers used).  The food particles were either crusty dry, oily, or bloody (from the thawed-out meats).  Later, I’d sweep and mop the floors, tabletops, get bags of ice from the freezers, and throw out the trash.

By the end of my shift, I’d end up completely soaked from my head to my feet.  The apron I wore would always have squashed foodstuffs inside of its front pockets that I’d have to dig out.  Carrots and whatever else pieces of foods would be stuck inside of my hair.  And my shoes were always squishy-soaked as I walked to my car.  Squish-squish-squish…

I had no idea until I had worked at that job, that hotel employees get free food at the employee chow hall.  Free food!  Whether they’re the housekeepers, the front desk personnel, the kitchen staff, or the folks working at the dock, we all got to chow down on the dishes cooked by the cooks themselves.  Yay!  Wasn’t gourmet stuff, but hey, it was free food!  Considering that much of one’s paycheck would often go to buying foods to eat during our lunch or break times, this was a fantastic money-saver!

As I’m driving to work, I always have to be stuffing my face with whatever food I could from home or from a drive-thru, in order to prevent my tummy from being hungry like crazy as I worked.  Because my free work meal time wasn’t gonna be until about 4-5 hours later.

What was my biggest struggle while I worked there?  Being hungry over the smell of bacon!  Never in my life did that scent ever affect me so crazily than when I had worked there.

Whenever I’d walk into work, my nose would sniff the air inside that big kitchen, and I would be in piggy meat dizziness, wishing to goodness that I could get ahold of some of those strips that had just come out of the oven.  But alas, they were not for me, but for the folks who worked from the prior shift to that hour.

So whenever I eat bacon (like tonight), I think of my bacon-salivating days back then, when my tummy would growl like crazy over that much-loved scent.


Tonight, I actually wasn’t planning on writing about bacon, but just happened to do so cuz of my eating it for dinner, had caused for my mind to go back in time a bit.

What I had been meaning to write about was this:

the spinning cyclist who can really sing!

Once in awhile, I had posted in the past about a Korean television show called I Can See Your Voice.  One of those posts is here.  The show involves contestants who come on stage who claim they can all sing.  It’s up to the celebrity panel to help out the show’s guest(s), to figure out who are the real macoy good singers among them, and who are those who are just faking it with their appearance and lip-syncing, and are actually tone deaf.

It was contestant #2 who had the 3 guests wondering.  He claimed to be either a singing spinning cycle trainer (helps cardio and makes exercising fun), or a simple tour guide.

Just from inspecting his thighs up and down, the 3 guests were in agreement that he could not be a real cycle trainer.  Because no professional cyclist could have such slim (although toned) thighs, they figured.  So contestant #2 was whom they had chosen as being tone deaf.  See what had happened when he got off his cycle to reveal his vocal ability.

Click “cc” for English subtitles.