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k cookin’ spinoff {k-show}

artist: Aeppol


A few months ago, I and the fam were surprised to find ourselves incredibly enjoying a particular Korean cooking show called K Chef Battlefield.  During the previous seasons of this show, there were 5 chefs competing against each other, who had each come from a different city/area in Korea.  Basically, whoever wins in the end of the season can proclaim that their hometown’s chow is betta than the rest.

Then last year, there was a special edition Spin Off segment of the show.  The 5 Korean chefs were now paired with top chefs from America, Canada, Mexico, and Europe, who each operate their own restaurant(s) in the countries their from.

Although the clips below do not have English subtitles to ’em, I think you may still find ’em to be interesting to see, as the international chefs have created favorite Korean traditional dishes in their own personal creative flair.

This is Dale McKay from Canada, who had been a winner on Top Chef. My favorite part of his being in this competition was when he and his chef trainer had made fresh noodles together the old fashioned way. Not by cutting up a roll ‘o dough, but by together pushing the dough down through a wooden contraption with their body weight. Oy!

Dale MacKay - Wikipedia


This is Chef Amal, who runs a coupla restaurants in Los Angeles.  He’s the one whom I had been rootin’ to win on the show since the start off.  But unfortunately, he had been the runner-up.  (Per himself, he had also been the runner-up on the American Top Chef show.)

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