a poem ‘n a praise


How nice it sho would be

To have all the time in the world to see

And write blog posts continually

Would be quite sumthin’ most certainly

As they be moments of much glee

Don’tchu agree?




When the guest singer on the I Can See Your Voice show was John Park, it was Joseph Busto whom he had chosen among all of the show’s contestants to be non-tone deaf (able to sing).

The moment when Joseph (also known as Choi Jun Seop) had revealed whether he could sing or was tone deaf, as some on the panel had thought.  (John Park’s song is called “Thoughts of You”.)



Today, Joseph continues to be busking (street singing) for Jesus within the busy tourist city venues around Korea.  Here he is joyously singing the praise song “Only a God Like You” by Tommy Walker.