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bad vision, plants, ‘n teef


I consider wearing eye glasses as having a “handicap”.  Cuz without yo specs, you be visually impaired.  Can’t see ahead of ya, can’t drive, can’t see who’s comin’ towards ya, and texting a post be one blurry task.

With all of the wonderful plants in the world, why folks be planting cacti? The mom is always planting 2 kinds of ’em ’round here that are practically deadly. I got stabbed (and bled with each stab) by the big ones while I was trying to cut off its sharp-edged spines.

The other one gave me at least 5 pricks stuck on my finger with just the faintest touch of it. And those pricks are so small, that I have to break out my reading glasses and super-sharp tweezers to try to pull ’em all out.

The not-so-pokey cacti types are fine. But those that make ya bleed, or give ya pricks that make ya suffer, are downright evil, dagnabbit.

My teef hurts.  I went to the dentist ’bout a month ago to get a new filling done cuz food kept getting stuck between 2 of my back teef. But now, food gets even more stuck in there, after having gotten that filling.

Should I get it redone by the same dentist, or go elsewhere?

Feels like when I had paid to get somethin’ fixed (car, computer, airconditioner, pipes…), but it still didn’t get fixed. Patootey on the wallet, it is.

Not all Large Print Bibles are created equal.

I’ve been on the lookout for a Large Print one, but keep coming across print types that seem like they ain’t large at all. Can’t believe I be needing Giant Print, when my reading glasses number ain’t even 2.00 yet.

The Large Print of the Daily Chronological Bible is a pretty great one, though. Me approved.

Today’s verses were on the first chapter of 1 Kings.  Didn’t realize before, what a chum that prophet Nathan was. There was Bathsheba, probably freaking out (I’d sho be) that her son might not become the next king, but another one of King David’s sons might, instead.

As she was reminding David about his promise for Solomon to become king, in comes good ‘ole Nathan to back up her story about the chaos going on outside by one of David’s other sons.

My take on that story:  Prophet Nathan was a really swell fella and was the kinda pal I bet everyone today would sho like to have too.

Goodnight, y’all!