a self-portrait


Howdy, Folksies!

I is the former blogger of untitled press,

am an amateur writer and gardener,

who can never collect enough boxes and bubble wrap,

and is addicted to overly-sweet coffee

(coffee-flavored sugar).


Just wantin’ to write here a bit

’bout stuffs.




Have yoselves a swell post writin’ and readin’ day, y’all!





18 thoughts on “about

  1. pick1solution

    I want to thank you for following our Blog site. We strive to provoke thought. We welcome you to comment as feedback is key to progress and success. Feel free to visit as you desire. We are honored that you would take the time to read our stuff. Thank you. John

  2. aFrankAngle

    For the record, I came over then search this box to find ZERO entries with caraway. (I couldn’t resist) 😉

  3. hawk2017

    You speak and write like you are from the Southern part of the USA. I live in Louisiana. I much enjoy your brogue. :))

  4. Bill

    Your style and mine – differ, but your faith and mine – do not. Thanks for popping bye.


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