the last interview

artist: John Atkinson Grimshaw


Even if I had not become a believer in God, I would very much want to listen to this interview.

Even if I had no care to listen to anything that someone like Dr. James Dobson would have to say or be involved in, I would still be very interested in listening to this interview.

This video is of when Dr. Dobson had interviewed Ted Bundy, a serial killer of over 30 women, before he was to be killed on deathrow the following morning.  It was Bundy’s last interview.





9 thoughts on “the last interview

  1. Bundy was a psychopath. That’s all. He was a person who could not internalize the emotions of others, and so didn’t feel joy at others’ joys, nor pain at others’ sufferings. All that people like him can know is their own, emotionally isolated existence. Moreover, he lacked the internal compass to be able to guide such a disconnected life in any kind of a meaningful way beyond his own spontaneous pleasure. Unfortunately, intelligent people like him often understand that others can be manipulated through their own emotional responses. So when you encounter people like this, it’s best to move on. Anything he might have said stands as little more than a self-serving contrivance, a momentary distraction from the only thing he could feel, in this case his own fear at the final consequence to his own choices.

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