the forgotten article


Some days ago, I had written a post that I had titled as “the stain“.  One of the main reasons why I had written it, was due to my wanting to share with y’all an incredibly moving article by Scott C. Jones in the Opinion section of The Globe and Mail titled: “Video Games Saved My Life“.

It was only days later, when I realized that I hadn’t made note of that article at all within my post.  So I’d like to make sure I do so today.

I’m sorry, I don’t recall from which blog I had been referred to read the article originally.  If you had been the blogger who had posted on this article, Thank You for having shared it.



It’s a dead-end alleyway in my psyche, an alleyway that I’ve been involuntarily wandering down, over and over again, for decades, hoping to find the exit.  Every day, I reach the same dead end. 

– Scott C. Jones




5 thoughts on “the forgotten article

  1. What a horrible thing to have happened to him. What a brave and strong man he is. This was a tear jerker for sure. Thank you for sharing his story.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I love your page, and i wish i were the one who had talked about Scott C Jones article. I am so glad you brought our attention to it.

  3. That’s a great article, thank you for the introduction.
    Glad I found your blog too, last time I tried links didn’t take me anywhere, this time they did and I’m now following 🙂

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