stored boxes and a message by Ravi



I had read in the news years ago, about a lady who had passed away.  She was a single woman who had lived with her single brother.  The reason she was on the news was cuz it wasn’t until after she had passed away, that folks had come to realize that she was a millionaire.

The reason why her being a millionaire was such a big deal was cuz she had only earned a school teacher’s salary for years.  All her receipts were found to be so very neatly organized and stored inside of cereal boxes.

That news article reminded me of the saying that’s often repeated on the Crown Financial radio program on Christian radio stations:

“It’s not how much you earn, but how much you spend!”

Apparently, that single female teacher was not a spender.  And had passed away having gained a whoppin’ 4 million dollars in her bank account.  Whoa!  (*whistle-whistle*)

What’s the lesson I had learned from reading her story?  To collect as many cereal boxes (boxes in general) that I can, and to keep my receipts in the best possible organized manner inside of ’em as I can.  Yup.

But if you mighta read my post about how I’m an unedjumacated chick, then there’s a high chance that I’m most likely gonna die with just 40 buckaroos in my bank account, and a whole buncha neatly organized empty boxes stacked inside of my home.

Ah well.


Another wonderfully inspiring message by Ravi Zacharias:  “Who Are You, Really?”




17 thoughts on “stored boxes and a message by Ravi

  1. Thank you for sharing Ravi Zachariah’s video. Nice listening to him and his message.
    How do I relate your story of the single woman who died a millionaire having hoarded all her earnings in cereal boxes with the message of Ravi?
    Life is for living. The woman lived on cereals .May this was what she enjoyed the most eating cereal 🥣

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