The other cars that I had been careful to avoid, were now passing

One, two …maybe six

They could not see me because it was dark

It was now thickly quiet

Without even the sound of breaking glass


They must all be heading home

Or have places to go

And worth-living lives to live

But here I sat

Trying to catch my breath


Tonight was supposed to have been the end

For this worthless life on this earth

Here was no longer to be my soul’s place of residence

But here I was,

Still existing


Oh, such a useless life

Oh, such a useless person

Only God knows why I remain

I breathed in heavily again,

Unbelieving that I am still here


The sound of sirens was afar

And sounds of other vehicles slowing down beside me

Someone yelled for another to call the police

I can’t move

I have pain all over


As the sirens were coming closer,

A voice called out to me in the darkness,

“God bless you, ma’am!”

I had sat there all these seconds,

just breathing

But now, I cried.







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