numbered levels



I had read an article somewhere about how many people think that they’re more humble than they really are.

Ever since I had read that, I’ve been entering that I’m a 2 out of 10 as my level of humbleness on a questionnaire that I have to do every year.




I wish medical folks would find another way to ask, “On a scale of one to ten, how much pain would you say you feel?”

Folks like me who’ve always shuddered at numbers (Math, calculating), don’t wanna be thinkin’ about numbers when we’re in pain.

I always feel like that nurse or doc had just asked me a word problem.  Like, “If the man had went 12 miles at 45 mph, then when will he arrive at his destination?”





Because I’m thinkin’ I should probably be at “Possible Amputating a Limb Level” if I said that I was at a 10, I tell ’em that I’m a 9.

I wouldn’t come limpin’ all the way over here if I wasn’t in pain, Doc.  So if you’d just write me my pain meds prescription, then I’ll be swiftly limpin’ outta yo way. 





14 thoughts on “numbered levels

  1. I didn’t know where else to comment, but every one of the past few notifications for your new posts have come up “page not found”. Just wondering what is happening.

  2. Very true. I find that one must be very emphatic in order for medical profession to understand a patient, so best to err on the ‘too high’ side

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