what brevity problem?


Definition of brevity – the use of few words.



I had always thought that I had a problem with brevity

Couldn’t seem to keep my stories short, without losin’ my thoughts’ identity

Then many posts of other bloggers I had come across and read

And whaddya know, so many out there are way, way longer than mine, Ted!

So freely I shall write, without thinkin’ too much of how long my posts’ length ought to be




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14 Responses to what brevity problem?

  1. If you have much to write, you can always break a post into more than one piece.

  2. sheetalgarg says:

    Its your blog !! so feel free to write as long as u want … 💜💜

  3. Well, THIS one was short. 😉 And this is one of those days I don’t have time for the long ones.

  4. Eliza says:

    Keep writing! I find it hard to focus on long posts but doesn’t mean I don’t write them. Writing that flows is always the most interesting.
    Love, light and glitter

  5. Exactly! Sometimes can be very short but sometimes we may need a lot of words to express ourselves 😉

  6. Hahahhahaha interesting…still I prefer working with shorter ones….excite more to read and leave you hanging like a loop.Hahahahaha I love and hate it but love it more than I hate it.

  7. Just write from the heart! It will be ok if they are long at times! 💜🤗

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