marigolds, blushes, and bruce lee



Wanna write a post, but my fingers are aching.  Had done gardening since 0600 this morning, all the way until 7pm.  Didn’t think I was gonna get a blister on my palm, hello.

Was attacking them weeds and relocating some of the plants around.  And planted mo’ flowers.  One can never have enough flowers ’round their home.  Especially of marigolds.

The sis says that they help to keep the mosquitoes away.  Or was it the flies?  Not sure.  Anyhow, some kinda bug is gonna stay away from our front door area cuz them marigolds are like surrounding every foot of the front of this abode.



Someone had once asked me (as she was applying her makeup), if she had too much blush on.  I answered her, “There’s no such thing as too much blush.”  I never saw anyone look so incredibly happy from what I had said.

I used to work as a makeup artist for a cosmetic brand (will leave unnamed) years ago.  I was taught to apply 2 colors of blush.  One light-toned and a darker-toned one to brighten the face.

The first time I had ever worn blush was when I had went to college, the first time around.  One of the girls down the hall said that her mom was selling Mary Kay cosmetics.  To support her mom’s bidness, I ordered a blush, in order to try it on my face for the very first time.

When she handed to me my little boxed blush color order, she said, “My mom wanted me to give you a free brush too.”  I had no idea I had to buy a brush separately.

After the girl went back to her room, I excitedly applied the blush onto my cheeks.  In short, I felt like a clown.  It wasn’t until I had worked for that cosmetic brand as a makeup artist years later, that I had come to appreciate the power of having blushy-toned cheeks.  Makes ya purdy!


bruce lee

Years ago, I was on a bus, and the dude next to me told me about how he was a major fan of Bruce Lee.  I wondered if he was just tellin’ me this because he thought I was Chinese. (He was African-American.)

me:  “So you musta watched the Ip Man movie series, huh?”

dude:  “The what?”

me:  “Ip Man.  There’s like 2 or 3 parts to it now, I think.”

dude:  “What’s it about?”

me:  “Ip Man is the name of the dude who’s supposed to have been Bruce Lee’s instructor of his fighting technique.  I only watched part one of it and it was pretty good.”

dude:  “Thanks!  I’m gonna check it out!”

It was the sis who had told me about that movie.  It had been awhile since I had watched Chinese movies then.  The fam and I have always enjoyed watching the action ones.  I especially liked the ones in which the characters are wearing long robes that have super-long sleeves, and they start flying all over the place (like among the trees), as they’re wielding their sharp swords in a fight.  Clang-clang-clang!

Kinda like Japanese ninjas, except with longer hair and with flowy clothes on.

Oh, going back to that Ip Man movie.  The sis and I had watched only Part 1 of it.  That’s cuz the dude whom we thought was hot in that movie, had died at the end of it.  Yeah, so there was like no point in our watching Part 2, if the good-lookin’ fella wasn’t gonna be in it again, right?  Right.

If you’d like to watch the final fight scene in which the hot fella fights Ip Man (and he goes kaput afterwards), it’s here.


k coffee tune

Who doesn’t imagine that they’d like to open up a coffee (or tea) shop someday, no?  A Korean tune called “I Confess”, which I’d like to include in a future shop’s music playlist.  La dee da…



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8 Responses to marigolds, blushes, and bruce lee

  1. Angela Jelf says:

    Very cute and funny 😊

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