the similar personality relative


None of my other relatives were as similar to me as she was.

We both had a younger sibling who was smarter than us at everything.

A younger sibling who frustratingly often said, “Will you get to the point already?!”, whenever we tried to recall and tell a story, but kept forgetting what we were talking about in the first place.


We had gone to church about 3 times together.

Then we had lunch a coupla times afterwards.

But never to the movies, like we had wanted to.

Never to a dinner or outing, either.


It was unfortunate how similar we were in our ignorant ways.

For which I was so very deeply appreciative.

We yacked together over meals in interesting like-mindedness, as we goofily chuckled over topics that weren’t even that funny.


Our difference was that she was sweetly down-to-earth, with an innocent and lovely personality, and had a good heart.

Unlike me, a forever bitter and angry person, with a rotten fake and phony personality, through and through.


“Okay, someday soon…”, I’d reply to her text, again and again.

But that “someday soon” will never come.

Because she had passed away.

Soon after, I had picked up and moved away again, in sadness.





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7 Responses to the similar personality relative

  1. Your post made me sad, but it is a great reminder. hugs.

  2. It is so very sad. I wanted to cry. I had a friend like that once, long, long ago. She moved. I moved. We lost contact. I still think of her, miss her.

  3. Sadly, we humans tend to take things and people for granted and only realise our mistake when they are gone. I am sorry for your loss.

  4. Live for today because we don’t know what tomorrow holds! Your story is a great reminder of that!

  5. buddy71 says:

    i did that too, with a friend. now there will never be a chance. we were both only child in our families. its been a few years now since his passing. but he left me something i will always remember him by. i became his only beneficiary to his retirement fund. he did this without telling me.

  6. hawk2017 says:

    We all have had that problem at times.:)

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