tuesday gardening


Radio man said it was the dry season.

Figured it.

But he confirmed it.

Grass is takin’ longer to grow.

Happy me, the grass cutter.

Had pulled weeds since the morn, ’til this evenin’.

‘Til it was too dark to see, whether I be pullin’ out weeds or chives.

Had annihilated two fire ant hills.

And at least ten slugs.

Them buggers must go kaput from my garden.

Am lookin’ forward for my first dahlia plant to bloom.

Takes so long when you’re waitin’ for a flower.

And checkin’ it a number o’ times a day.

This was my fourth attempt at tryin’ to grow this flower.

Hope it survives.

And thrives to abundance.

Would sure bring a biggie smile to the Pops’ face.

For whom I plant as many flowers as I can in our home garden for.

For hours upon hours, he sits outside.

Just watchin’ the butterflies and bees go by.





11 thoughts on “tuesday gardening

  1. I had many gardens when we lived in Utah, but now in Tucson, no more! Have to cozy up to the cacti instead.

  2. We finally got some rain, but for a while there I was finding the snails huddling at the base of the few transplants that I was watering by hand. That’s dry.

  3. Such a sweet post! Untiring gardener. But fire ant hills? I will run far away from them and pray for rain to drown them out. I am such a sadist!

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