freezin’ times and chicken memories


I’m really glad to have gotten 4 more used books this weekend.  Because the coupla used books that I had bought from a bookstore last month, I couldn’t understand at all.  They were both “too deep” reading for me.  I shoulda already expected that one of ’em was gonna be way over my head (my level of reading ability), considering that it had won a Pulitzer.

Whenever I come across somewhere that mentions “simple-minded” people, I immediately think of myself.  Cuz I sure don’t understand a whole lotta stuff.  Especially instruction manuals that ain’t got no pictures in ’em.

~ ♡ ~

Years ago, the sis and I had lived on the East Coast.  During one of our coldest winters there, it wasn’t snowing outside yet, but it was so cold, that the trees were frozen.  There was so much ice on the branches, that they were continually cracking off and shattering onto the ground outside our apartment.  Crashing sounds were coming from those trees all during the nighttime hours.

But the sis refused to turn on her heater.  Because she didn’t want to pay a higher heating bill each month, every single day, she only turned on the heater for me for exactly 15 minutes.  That was all the warm heat I was gonna get.  So in a 24-hour day, I only got me 15 minutes of wonderful warm heat for my frozen system to indulge in.

In order to keep warm, we wore our clothes in triple layers all of the time.  The only thing we didn’t wear indoors was our boots.  But we definitely always had double socks on.


Those cold days were also happy ones too, cuz I could see how God had provided for us in so many incredible ways.

Whenever I’d get my paycheck from my job each coupla weeks, I’d buy for us one thing everytime:  a box of KFC chicken.  (Not the bucket size, which I couldn’t afford, but the box size, which had 9 pieces).  That was our “treat meal” twice a month.  We finished that box within 2 days’ time.  But I’m sure we coulda devoured it within 2 hours, if we weren’t trying to eat it so sparingly.

Everytime I’d pass by a KFC restaurant now, I’d be reminded of those old days of when we had lived during the freezing East Coast winters, and of how we had so hungrily eaten those pieces of chicken together.




8 thoughts on “freezin’ times and chicken memories

  1. My Mom claimed that she gave Dad…before they were married… a Betty Crocker Cookbook with no pictures, then fed him some of her cooking. She claimed (smilingly) it was one of the reasons he married her! Her edition of B.C. I got…had step-by step pictures…which are a great help to me! 🙂

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