anxious for a new day of mercies


Fuming anger flares.

Voices rise.ย  Heated words spew.

Tomorrow’s sun, come.




“Nevertheless, that time of darkness and despair will not go on forever.”

~ Isaiah 9:1




18 thoughts on “anxious for a new day of mercies

  1. Anita Bacha

    Beautiful post, beautiful you !
    I am the angry type. Nay, very angry type. When my youngest son Krsna was born, the Hindu priest who came to perform a puja for the new baby, said to me ‘This child will take over all your anger’ Alas! Krsna turns out to be the very angry type too and mine is not gone. God have mercy!

  2. equipsblog

    Love your verse. On days when the world seems too much, I look for small things that make me happy, like Christmas lights that are put up earlier than most or are still hanging later than most, first and last colored leaves of fall, early or late blooming flowers, etc.


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