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It was at an airport, where I had picked up Leif Enger’s fiction novel called Peace Like a River years ago.  Because my next flight was gonna be quite awhile later, I decided to check out one of the bookstores along my departure gate’s concourse.



As I was passing by the Fiction section of that bookstore, the cover of the Peace Like a River seemed to keep callin’ to me.  But I couldn’t make up my mind and had actually set it back on the bookshelf twice.  Finally, I followed the tug that I kept having towards that book, and went to the cash register with it.

Oh, how I was so surprised to discover what kind of a wonderful, adventurous, sweet, and exciting story its pages held!  Its characters all seemed to be so real to me, that I had felt so deeply for ’em all.  And for the first time in my life, I had looked up on the Internet to see what other books this author had written, so that I could read ’em immediately right after.

But there was none!  That was the author’s only book!  I was crushed.  And I couldn’t believe how crushed I was, too.

Years went by and I felt as if my mind had imaginary fingers up there, tapping on my brain, impatiently waiting for another book to come out by that author dude.

Then several (too many) years later, he had finally written another one!  It was this one.



The reason why I’d like to mention to ya about this author and his books, is because today, my library had notified me that they had finally put my Book Recommendation ti be available on their online bookshelf.  It’s the author dude’s 3rd book!  Woohoo!  Yeah!



These books’ reviews on Goodreads:

Peace Like a River

So Brave, Young, and Handsome

Virgil Wander

Hope y’all find ’em to be great reads as well!  (I bet you’re gonna!)





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