the bouquet: aunt k (pt 4)

It was quite a mismatching bouquet, made with artificial flowers.

But a colorfully cheery thing it was for me, and of which I had held dear.

With any extra money, more flowers in singles and bunches, I had added,

carefully selecting and arranging into a vase, which was clear.


Our home was a very cluttered and simple one then.

With only a mere single bedroom, in fact.

So my large bouquet had seemed always to stand out,

for such a pretty thing appeared odd in a home that so lacked.


But brighten my heart, it had always did,

with each selected flower and each added stem.

And before long, it had so grown and grown,

that another one had to also be created, making it two of them.


Into our teeny bathroom, the other one had been placed.

And just like the first one, its pretty self was also an odd adornment.

But yet, it didn’t take long for this new one to have been noticed,

for it was the uncle’s second wife, who had departed with it, causing my forlornment.


At least she had asked, and I had actually witnessed its brief presence be taken,

I had told myself, as I had tried to comfort my heavy heart.

For that had certainly not been the case for the other bouquet,

which out of our home, it had been whisked, and without my permission, it did depart.


“Can I have it?” was Aunt K’s question to Mom.

“No, it is hers, and not mine to give,” Mom had answered.

When later I was told of her question and so-called request,

Ah!, I could not help but fear that it was now under her radar, and possibly endangered.


But days had passed, and not a peep more did we hear from her about it.

So oh, how I had begun to slowly breathe more calmly again, in relief.

But that dreaded day did come, when my single bouquet had become absent,

when neither Mom nor I was present, to stop its thief.


Unsurprisingly, the person who had taken it was Aunt K.

While we were not home, she had asked the Pops for it.

Knowing full well that he would most likely not deny her request,

to her business, she had taken it, and onto her front counter, did she had it sit.


With this being the second time for her to again take what was mine,

I could not help but fume and be full of immense anger.

“Did she really?!  Did she really again?!” was all I could say in disbelief.

With both of my hands on my head, it was for a forgiving heart, I had pleaded for in prayer.


How much I had tried to understand that my loss was only a thing, made also with artificial things.

Which to some, may possibly be considered to be tacky, and not something even worth keeping.

But oh, how much time and monies I did spend upon this special hobby of mine,

that I just could not seem to be at peace, and had to sit down in sadness and weeping.



p.s.  Sitting beside that flower bouquet on its little table, was some books.  Two of those books were the Mom’s Bibles.  One day, we had come to realize that one of her Bibles was missing.  It was the one with large print and colored pictures in it, which the sis had bought for her.  We’re not sure if Aunt K might have taken that Bible the same time that she had taken my bouquet.  So we had no idea if it might’ve been taken first.  Most likely though, we believe that she must have hoped that we would not notice its having been gone, due to its unfortunately having been sitting on that table for quite a long time (collecting dust).  But one day, we did notice that it was no longer there.


the Mom (on the phone):  “Did you take my Bible?”

Aunt K:  “Yes…”

the Mom:  “My daughter had bought it for me.  Bring it back.”

Aunt K:  “Okay!  I’ll bring it to you tomorrow!”


And that was how the Mom’s Bible had been returned back to her.  My flower bouquet though, was gone forever.



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1 Response to the bouquet: aunt k (pt 4)

  1. equipsblog says:

    Sorry you lost your bouquets. Glad Aunt K returned the Bible.

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