spring comes to the north {k-post}

artist:   Lee Me Kyeoung


Last year’s Autumn season had come and gone.  And this year’s Spring season had come again, and gone again too.

But it looks like the NK dictator is not lookin’ to make amends temporarily for his nation again, in order for his (selected few) citizens to be able to enjoy the South’s entertainment music once again.  Ho hum.

Around April of last year, the dictator had allowed for a group of various South Korean singers and musicians (an “art troupe”) to come into his country for a concert to be held, which was called the Spring Comes Concert (or Spring is Coming).

After it was over, the dictator had asked for the musicians to come back to have another concert there again during the Autumn season.  But of course, that would only depend on whether he was willing to make some temporary peace between the nations, so that they could come back in and all.

As is well-known by Human Rights organizations, many North Koreans are actually imprisoned just for having been caught watching the South’s television dramas or listening to their music.  According to the news, the manner in which the NK citizens try to get their bootlegged copies of the South’s shows and music is by buying them in flashdrive form (small enough to smuggle in) from China.


One of the memorable musicians in the concert was the YB Band.  They had sung an old song called “Man Is Ship, Woman Is Harbor”, but in their rock music-like way.  The band had actually performed in NK more than a decade ago.  So they were lovin’ being able to have come back again.  They said they had chosen to sing this song because they had heard that it was popularly loved by the North Koreans.  The original way in which the song is sung is performed by a NK band here.






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