n joins the army {k-post}


When a male Korean celebrity (singer, actor, entertainer) goes to enlist into their mandatory military service, then it’s big news.  So big, that their names are even announced in the daily newspapers.

Then a photo of the fellas with their newly shaved haircut is shown, as they’re waving to their fans, who have assembled outside with posters (some even be weepin’) to see ’em go in through the military base gates.


And so, N (pronounced as “en”, just like the letter), who is the leader of Vixx, had gone in first among his fellow bandmates recently.  For a Kpop group with one of the strongest vocals, guess there’s gonna be some quietness from the fellas for awhile.


N’s niece comes to visit


N removes his mask to reveal his identity on The King of Mask Singer show



N had competed on the Going Until the End singing competition show as well in the past.  How this show goes:

1.  a singer picks a number from 1 to 100

2.  the number the singer chooses is the number of a person in the audience, who has selected a song for ’em to sing

3.  the person in the audience begins singing the first line of the song, and then the singer is shown the rest of the song’s lyrics all jumbled up on a big screen

When N was given the song “Back to You Again” to sing on the Going Until the End show.



The fellas of Vixx and their song called “Dynamite”.






2 thoughts on “n joins the army {k-post}

  1. Seems that the enlistment would result in lots of groups reshuffling personnel to be able to continue to perform. Do entire groups ever enlist together??

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