pretty girl {k-post}


Back in the day, I didn’t care very much for the American Idol show.  I think it’s cuz I can’t bear to listen to bad singin’ (during the audition phase of the show) and also cuz I myself am a croaker, rather than a crooner.  I can’t hold a tune, for the life of me.

Although I do have to say that the most memorable performance that I recall havin’ seen on that show was when Clay Aiken had sung “Unchained Melody“.  I thought he had really sung it like it was his own.

There’s a Korean music competition show similar to American Idol.  It had been so popular throughout Asia, that it had aired its 4th season this year.  But unfortunately, the show’s network is currently going through a major lawsuit.  The reason is because the voters/fans had recognized that the voting results were in obvious major error.

The way the show goes:

101 trainees from various entertainment agencies compete to become the final 11, who are voted by the viewers (who pay about 8 cents per vote).

The final 11 trainees who win the most number of votes are put together into a new Kpop group, and are contracted for a period of one year.

(Because of the immense popularity of the last group that had been put together by this show, this year’s new group were contracted to stay together for 5 years.)

Well, because I’m lousy with numbers, I myself woulda never noticed the “obvious” error in the vote counts.  But what I did notice was how it was quite unbelievable that this dude right here, had been the very last of the 11 to be voted in, as me thinks he shoulda been among the Top 5.

For those of y’all who personally know me from way back when, ya know that I used to always love to dye my hair the color red (cherry, auburn, eggplant, burgundy, strawberry, etc).  So yes, I do have to admit that it was the dude’s hair that had earned him biggie points from me early on.


Part of the competition is when the trainees are put into groups who will compete in performing to a brand new song that had been created by music producers, and which would be first released on the show (one of the songs was made by a coupla American fellas too).

The new song which I had liked the most was the one called “Pretty Girl”.  Just yesterday, I had heard it being played in the background of a different network’s TV show.  A quite cheery and catchy tune, wouldn’tcha say?





4 thoughts on “pretty girl {k-post}

  1. i would watch those “reality” talent shows, but after a couple of years, they all seemed to be the same. much like “survivor” and “big brother” also just be came the same thing with just a different cast.
    what i did like, was the out take of the singing/dancing shows (american idol) etc.

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