memorable sayins to me by the fam



When I went to attend college in Wisconsin years ago, a cousin of mine had sent to me a winter jacket to wear.

It was really thick and had kept me warm well.  The only problem was its color.  It was a tannish brown color, with dark brown square patches on the elbows, and on the shoulders.  Made me feel like I should be galloping on a horse, along with a posse on the set of Bonanza whenever I wore it.  It was so thick, that my arms still stood out on my sides, although I actually had ’em down.

the sis:  “That cousin must hate your guts.”

me:  “How come?”

the sis:  “Cuz that’s the ugliest jacket that I’ve ever seen in my life.”

I spun around for her to see the brown jacket in a possibly better light.

the sis:  “You look like a big poo.”





the sis:  “We need to buy a better water filter.”

me:  “How come?”

the sis:  “Cuz this one doesn’t clean out our water as good.”

me:  “Can’tcha just boil the water for a long time?”

the sis:  “No, cuz it doesn’t get rid of the minerals.”

me:  “There’s minerals in water?”

(with a big sigh)  the sis:  “Don’t ever say that in public.”





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