busking with soul in seoul


The Korean nation had first come to know of Joseph Butso (who also goes by his given Korean name, Choi Junseop) when he had appeared on the popular television show called I Can See Your Voice.  Per the show’s title, the contestants on the show are decided as to whether they can really carry a tune and sing, or cannot and are tone deaf –  just by their appearance.

The commenting panel assist the guest singer(s) to make his/her/their decision as to whom among the contestants is a real macoy singer, who will be able to sing a duet with them at the end of the show.  If the contestant can fool everyone into believing that he/she can sing, but is actually tone deaf, then that person will be the winner, and pockets the prize money of about $5,000.



Joseph singing together with John Park


The guest singer on this particular episode was John Park and he had chosen Joseph (Junseop) among all of the contestants, as being a real macoy singer.  See what happens when it’s time for Joseph to hold up his mic and reveal to everyone whether he really can sing or not.





When he was a college student, Joseph had moved to Korea from Georgia, in order to busk for Jesus within the major tourist city locations around country.  Today, he busks with a group of church friends, whether rain or shine.  Here he is singing a worship song called “Only a God Like You” by Tommy Walker in Korean.  Amen!







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