pinkin’ the ’80s

I love “box-y” shirts.  The kind that don’t have no fittin’ feminine shape to ’em, but are in a big boxy square shape to wear.  Doubles as a parachute, I figure.

Basically, they be excellent as Ultra-Comfy Top Wear.  Feels like I’m wearin’ jammies all day.

One day in LA, I had found me a gray-colored T-shirt in my favorite box-y shape.  And as an additional bonus, it even had bright pink-colored wording on the front of it.  Says sumthin’ like, “Think About” on the front of it, I believe it says.  (I’d go pull it outta my closet and verify it, but I ain’t got no energy to get up, ya see).  Bein’ a lover of the color pink, this is one of my Go To Outfits for the past several years.

So I was surprised when the sis had made a comment to me about this long time-worn shirt one day.

the sis:  “What made you buy that shirt?”


me:  “Huh?  This shirt?  Why?”


the sis:  “Geez… That shirt looks so…eighties.”


I looked down at it.  Just one paint stain on the side of it.  But the rest of it is ship-shape, lookin’ almost like I had bought it just yesterday.


me:  “I got it cuz it’s pink.”


the sis:  “The style shows your age, you know.  Looks like you should be wearing a sweat band on your forehead too.”


me:  “Humph.  I don’t care.  I love this shirt.  Stop dissin’ my shirt, yo.”


the sis:  “Whatever Wham.”



Image result for pink flower clip art




3 thoughts on “pinkin’ the ’80s

  1. The Eclectic Contrarian

    And what’s so wrong with the 80’s?? 😬👍


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