aunt k (pt 6)



What Aunt K’s son did allow for her (what a generously kind dude to have done so), was to let her have 1 of the 2 businesses that he owned.

What’s interesting though, is that their promissory agreement detailed something in regards to his promising to give her half of his selling money, should he sell the business that he had kept. So when she later discovered that he had indeed sold his business, but didn’t give to her half of the money that he had received for the sale, she had come quickly to our home to see me. In big heaving breaths, she was trying to tell to me her plight of how her dagnabbit son had sold his business and wasn’t keeping his promise to give her half of his money. There I stood, as she tried to plead to me to help her with her situation of having been betrayed by that rotten son of hers. I looked at her and calmly said, “Why don’t you just go tell him yourself?” Because as far as I knew, her son and his wife still attended the same church as she did.

She ignored what I said and tells me to go talk to my lawyer about her situation and what my lawyer thinks she should do. In my mind, I thought, Really? Does she think my lawyer is free? Does she really think I’m going to pay my lawyer for her problem, which she had made herself, considering the much hardship that she had put her adopted son through during his life with her?

As usual, she believed that she was the victim here who had been wronged, and she was angry that I wasn’t bothering to help her with her situation. I can’t quite recall if this was when she gave me her usual shpeel, which goes something like this:

“You should be saying, ‘Yes, Aunt. I will do what you’re asking because you’re my Aunt.’ And you should be doing it for me especially because you go to church!”

Whenever she’s yelling at me for not doing something for her (whatever it is at all), then she never fails to condemn me with her curse of, “You’re supposed to because you go to church!”

If ya might recall from part 1 of my story, Aunt K had graduated from some seminary college and to this day, still refers to herself as somekind of “Associate Pastor”. There’s even fellow taxi drivers she works with who refers to her as such, when they’re talking to me about her.

Such as when we had come back from having been living at a hospital in Korea for about a month’s time due to the Pops having gotten leg surgery. As soon as we had gotten back, we were so incredibly tired, that we vowed to rest for a whole week’s time. Well, right upon the very day of our return, our phone rang off the hook. It seemed like everyone knew that we were back and were wanting to make their orders from our family business. In our weariness and with much complaint from our customers, we told them that we weren’t going to open until 3 days later. So we had to forget about taking a whole week-long of rest. It was for only 3 days. But not even for that long actually, because we had to clean our home for 1 day, clean our business for another whole day, and finally rested on our 3rd day. An immense Hallelujah Day it was for us, for reals.

I had to ask one of those customers who had called us just hours after we had come home, to ask how in the world she knew we had come back home from being away. She said, “Oh, you’re aunt – the Associate Pastor – had told me that you would be back today.” So she and the other customers who had called us that day had thought that after having been away for over a month, that we would be open for business on the very day that we came back on our flight too, apparently. Carumba.

Later on, she had moved churches from the one that she had attended with her adopted son and his wife. Although she wasn’t there for too long, she was avid with her church-winning ways. Of course, I too used to very often invite friends to come attend the church I was going to, whenever they’d have a special event going on there. But Aunt K was inviting folks from who knows where. She was giving rides to folks who didn’t have cars of their own, to bring them to that church. Sure, that was okeedokee for us, and none of our business.

But one day, she had brought to our home a couple whom the Mom knew very well. When the Mom used to work at a grocery store years ago, this couple used to frequently be asked to leave the store by the security guard because they were always caught having stolen something. It was too much trouble for the store to make a police report and all, so the security guards always just kept and eye on their familiar faces, and would ask them to leave, once they were caught with something unpaid and even consumed within the store.

Well, due to the Mom recognizing this couple to be frequent thieves to her workplace, she told Aunt K to never bring them to our home again. The Mom had good reason to be afraid of what they might do, should they frequent our home, considering their not-so-great past reputation. Well, Aunt K had a fit. “You’re supposed to forgive!”, she yelled at the Mom. “Don’t you know that people change?! You’re supposed to forgive! Do you think you’re such a saint?!”, was her reply to the Mom’s request to not bring these folks ’round to our home (which she herself should not be coming to anyhow; argh).

That evening, the Mom had shook her head over and over again, not understanding Aunt K’s reasoning. How she lives to make her real family be in such hardship from her ways, but at the same time, be fervent in her church soul-winning ways. After that evening, I was glad that the Mom didn’t continue to speak of it again. I didn’t want her to be worried about the “what ifs” that might happen, should Aunt K continue to bring them around, while giving them rides and such, with his “kind-hearted, helpful ways” towards them and others.

Before I get to the part of how she had ended up living with us again later on (yes, it had really happened) and had pretty much taken over our small home then, lemme try to end this post, and continue on it for another night.

Aunt K continued to run her 1 business that she had acquired from her adopted son, who had graciously let her keep it, although he had begun it, had run it, and had made it to be a successful one, while he had owned it. But after he had left, and it was hers to run all by herself, business had gone a bit downhill. The Mom had heard from the grapevine that Aunt K had hired someone whom we knew, but didn’t pay her well. So eventually, the employee’s Mom had come to demand her daughter’s payment from Aunt K at her business place. Not sure if she was ever able to pay that employee fully eventually. But we think that had probably happened, due to our knowing that employee’s Mom and of how she was probably one whom one didn’t wanna mess her daughter’s pay ever.

Every 3 to 6 months or so, Aunt K would call the Mom to ask if I could come to work for her, or to just fill for her, so that she could go run errands. All I could honestly think was, That woman is out of her mind. Everytime Aunt K would call with that request, the Mom would say, “I’ll ask her, but I’m sure she’s going to say ‘no’.” And sure enough, I had said ‘no’.

And that’s when Aunt K would have no shame to ask the very person who should never, ever be saying ‘no’ to her, or to someone who attended his congregation, she believed. It was the pastor of the church she was then attending whom she would then call to come and watch her business for awhile, so that she could go run her errands. I never knew whether her pastor ever really did help her out in that manner. But my guess is that he musta done so at least once, because I recall the Mom mentioning that Aunt K had called up her pastor “to ask him again”. When Aunt K had later changed churches again, I guessed that he mighta breathed a sigh of relief.

Oy, this post is getting a bit long and me gotsto hit the sack soon, as tomorrow is one of our busiest days of each week. So lemme end this part 5 of my story by telling of the time when Aunt K had asked the Mom to have me to “come by” her business place once in awhile. Yup, not to work. Not to cover for her, so that she could go run errands.

Nope. This time, she just wanted me to “come by once in awhile”. Or possibly, much more frequently, that is.

I think you’ll be much surprised as to the reason. It’s a classic.

The reason she wanted me to come by to her business more frequently than I voluntarily ever would (her wish was probably in the 2 times per week, was my guess; instead of 1 time every 3 months) was due to this one reason:

(hold onto your hats for this one folks)

She had a male employee whose work visa was about to expire. So she was hoping that if I could just come around to her business place very often, then perhaps he’d possibly wanna marry me. Then all would be grand and well for her, because then he could remain living here, with his brand-spankin’ new “green card” that he would receive after marrying me, and she could go on with her business as usual, because he could continue to be able to work for her.

The last time I had gone to her place of business (before she had to close it later for good), there was one thing that had caught my eye, and which had broken my heart to see. It was my stolen artificial bouquet that was sitting right smack on her business’ front counter, for her customers to look upon and enjoy. I and my family, on the other hand, could no longer enjoy its prettyness in our home, after she had taken it (smouched it) when I wasn’t home. But of course, she did not believe she was wrong to have taken it, due to having asked for it from the Pops who had lost his ability to speak, and who could really not say ‘no’ to her, even if he could.  Sigh.


To be continued.



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2 Responses to aunt k (pt 6)

  1. Some people are blind to their own faults.

  2. Dawn Ivey says:

    Wow! Can’t believe she was hoping you’d marry her employee. lol

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