aunt k (pt 5)



Upon re-reading my last post on this story (part 4), I had ended with telling about how she had stolen my artificial flower bouquet and the Mom’s Bible.

I think I will go back to where I had ended in part 2 of this post instead, where it was about how she was living the high life due to her “adopted” son having begun a small business, and even a 2nd one only about a couple of years later. No longer was he the young chap who had followed her and his younger sister to come live in my teeny 1-bedroom abode that I and my Pops shared after a super-typhoon had damaged their trailer home.

Now, he was a businessman who was racking in the dough, buying Aunt K a Lexus to cruise in, and she occasionally helped him work his businesses. I emphasize the word “occasionally”. They were living in a condo and he had even bought a huge Boflex exercise machine to help him get in shape and all. It was admirable of how savvy he was in his business-sense and basically in life. How he could endure living with Aunt K, although he no longer had  his younger sister living with the two of them any longer, which I’m sure must have helped him to endure her together. But as with everyone else in her life, even her “loving” adoptive son had to hit a breaking point as well.

Before I get to telling about his breaking point, I’d like to mention about a certain day when the Pops had gone to see Aunt K for some reason. I mention the “for some reason” part because it’s very rare for any of us in the family (or extended family) to ever seek her out. It’s always the other way around – and she never seems to leave our homes empty-handed.

When the Pops went to go see her, she wasn’t at home in their condo. Only her son was home. This was back before the Pops had his first stroke, and could still talk then. Upon his return from their condo, the Pops told us about his conversation with her son. The son had apparently cried to Pops, as he had shared with him about how his Mom had made him sign a hand-written document, which was supposed to be a promissory note-like agreement between the two of them. It said something in regards to his promising to his Mom that he would never leave her, would always support (provide for) her, and so on. Pops said that the guy was pretty much crying his eyes out because he felt so rotten that his Mom would make his sign something like that with her.

Well, all I gotsto say to that is: “Welcome to the family of Aunt K’s. This is how she has always been towards all of us. We will never ever get used to her ways. And we can most certainly expect even more of such from her in the coming future.”

The last time she was here was last month. Yes, that recent. It was another aunt of ours who had called her over, because she couldn’t drive herself to our home during the eveningtime.

After our family dinner of barbecue was over, I was sitting in our livingroom with the Pops, when our front door had suddenly swung open from the wind. It was evening and the front door light was brightly shining down on her and on what she was doing. There was Aunt K, hovering over our outside table, trying to gather up as much barbecued meat that she could carry. She looked like some stranger who had suddenly snuck up our front gate, the way she was trying to gather and tie up into plastic bags the great amount of barbecue meat (steak, chicken, pork, sausages) that had been leftover from the family gathering dinner meal.

Normally, it’s only me who gets really fumed by her mannerisms. But that night, the sis was as well, due to her having been the sole person who had got our dagnabbit grill all fired up, and had barbecued ALL of those meats all by her lonely-moley self, all through the night, until everyone had eaten ’til they were full. Until Aunt K had packed them all up, leaving us with just 1 plastic container worth of meat to put into our refrigerator.

As Aunt K was packing, sacking, and tying up all of that meat, it was our other aunt, who was standing next to her, helping her to pack up her To-Go meat booty. It was time for the both of them to leave, and our other aunt might as well help Aunt K to pack up what she wanted, was how she must have thought. But some minutes later, I heard coming from outside of our house, “She left? She left already?!” Apparently, Aunt K had happily driven her to our family gathering, but had left without giving her a ride back to her home. So another family member had to take her. So much for helping one’s driver to join in on a big dinner and help her gather her To-Go booty.


Lemme go back to Aunt K’s son’s plight, and of how he had to sign a promissory note to her, guaranteeing his life-long care for her and all. Honestly, I had never read that sheet of paper. But I knew where it lie.

Apparently, Aunt K musta thought her son might destroy their signed document. It was just a hand-written one. But to her, it was a treasure worth of gold for her life. So she asked my Mom to let her store it in our home. Yeah, it was in our home, in one of our drawers. Had Aunt K pushed me also to my breaking point, I mighta hand-delivered it to her son to burn it to toast. But I had never gotten to that point. Very close to it (99.8% there perhaps), but not to the last 0.1% yet.

Her son’s breaking point had come after he had gotten married. His new wife was now living in their condo and was probably doing her bestest to endure her new mother-in-law. I had absolutely immense sympathy for her.

It was Aunt K herself who had actually told us what had happened. We didn’t know until much later, after all was said and done. Or, after all was said and everyone had separated ways, that is.

This is what had occurred:

They were sitting in their livingroom, having a meal together. Aunt K then tells her son to go do something or to go get something for her. He didn’t like how she had talked to him and had stayed put. When she realized that he wasn’t obeying her and doing what she had told him to do, she looked up to face him. When she did, she said that she was surprised to see his face appeared to be angry.  And it was his angry facial expression which had made even her become angry towards him also. So angry, that she had thrown her cup at him. The water that was in it flew too.


This is what she had told to the Pops and me sometime after the event. By this time in our life, the Pops had had his stroke, and could no longer talk. As Aunt K was telling us the full particulars of the fallout between her adopted son and her, the Pops just looked at her. He had much he wanted to say, I’m sure.

For myself, I wondered why the heck she had told us the story.  For some reason, she musta thought that she was in the right in the whole situation.  Maybe she thought we were gonna agree with her that her son shouldn’t have looked at her angrily, considering that she was his Mom who had taken him out of his parentless situation a long time ago.

Well, afterwards, her adopted son (her Financier/Breadwinner for her life) had moved out with his wife. She was now living alone in a condo she could not pay for. Before long, she had to move out herself.


To be continued.




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1 Response to aunt k (pt 5)

  1. rhcwilliams says:

    Mercy! Your aunt is insufferable, in. They say you can’t pick your family. You really have the patience of a saint. BTW, I don’t know why, but when I press “follow” for your site, WordPress tells me there’s an error and won’t let me follow you. Blessings to you, dear heart!

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