a positive [role] model


Hyunmin is half Nigerian and half Korean.  He and his siblings take more of their father’s side, that they all look more African, than Korean.

Growing up in an Asian country like Korea, where racism towards foreigners is still quite common in many areas, poor Hyunmin had faced his share of the harsh racism all through his life growing up.

Then when he had turned just 15 years old, he had been discovered by a modeling agency whose talent scout.  Having a tall and slim build, Hyunmin’s physique was perfect for the modeling business.  And so his life’s very successful career had begun and is still shooting up to the stars.

I so love Hyunmin’s life story because it has very often been mentioned about how he has such a wonderfully bright and positive outlook on life, even though he had had a difficult childhood from both mean adults and children, who would rudely point and make remarks about his dark-colored skin.

Today, he is 17 years old and a regular guest on many Korean variety television shows with his great personality.  And an additional sweet icing on the cake was when TIME magazine had included him their list of the “30 Most Influential Teens of 2017”.  Yay!







Carrying the torch for the Pyeongchang Olympics.

모델 한현민과 친구들, 코카-콜라와 함께 한 올림픽 체험기: 한국 코카 ...



When he had removed his mask to reveal his identity on The King of Mask Singer show.




Because of his physical appearance, many folks would immediately assume that Hyunmin spoke fluent English and would speak to him in English.  But because he had grown up speaking only Korean all of his life, he actually doesn’t speak English at all.  He said that even his Korean Mom had given up trying to teach him.  Here he is on the Radio Star show, where he talks about having been unable to say the word “swag” correctly in English.  He kept pronouncing the word as “sweg”, like a Korean person would.

Click “cc” for English subtitles.




Side Note:

The U.S. version of The King of Mask Singer show had begun this month on the FOX channel as “The Masked Singer”.  And per the entertainment news, it’s another successful Korean show remake, following these other recent two:

1. “Better Late Than Never” (a remake of “Grandpas Over Flowers”)

2. “The Good Doctor” (a remake of a television drama series with the same title)





1 thought on “a positive [role] model

  1. mylilplace

    I saw him in one of the variety shows…and I was wondering who he was. Thanks for shedding some light. It couldn’t have been easy for him growing up in Korea but he has such a bright personality.


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