3 days, 3 quotes challenge

I’d like to thank My L’il Place for nominating me to try out this 3 days, 3 quotes challenge.  So I’m supposed to post a quote for 3 days, explain why the quote appeals to me, and nominate 3 other bloggers afterwards.  Um…not quite sure if I can do the explainin’ part, but will give it a shot.


Dr. Charles F. Stanley is one of the preachers whom I enjoy listening to.  You can find his inspirational messages on his In Touch Ministries website.  Whenever I watch one of his messages, I’m always in awe of how he doesn’t seem to have notes anywhere on his stage table there, but only his Bible.  No Post-it notes visible on its pages, neither.  Considering that he’s in his 80s, that’s really sumthin’ to me.

One of his great hobbies is taking awesome photographs.  This quote by him reminds me of a story that he had shared once, about the time he had heard God tell him to give his beloved camera to someone.  Oh, how it had been a struggle for him to obey that nudge.  But because he knew it deep within his heart that the Lord wanted for him to give his camera to this particular person, he had made himself do so.

Then sometime later, he just could not believe it at all, when he had received a gift by an anonymous giver.  It was a brand spankin’ new, high-tech fantabulous camera!

So this quote by Dr. Stanley is really a sweet one to me.  Makes me feel sorta “lifted and light” whenever I read it.  Most definitely, it’s doing the obeying part, which is the biggest struggle.  But once that gets accomplished, then the receivin’ of the blessed consequences afterwards (even if realized as being a blessing much, much later) is beyond immensely awesome.

Would like to share this worship tune widcha too.


And finally, the nominatin’ part of this challenge.  These are the 3 bloggers whom I’d like to give a shout out to.  Hope y’all might visit ’em when you have a chance, as they’re each quite interestin’!

  1.  Melanie Franz
  2. Scribe for Love, Truth, and Peace
  3. In Diane’s Kitchen





3 thoughts on “3 days, 3 quotes challenge

  1. scribeforlove

    I accept…my first quote posted and the next 2 are ready….thanks so much for thinking of me…a delightful exercise!

  2. momlifewithchiari

    So encouraging. Obedience – oh the many blessing we would continue to receive if one would only obey. The consequences will be according to what the Lord wants for me. Loved this 🧡🙏


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