when at our lowest, He is there


It has been told that Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the auther of The Gulag Archipelago, had once thought to commit suicide during his very hard years in a forced labor prison camp.  The way the story goes, none of the prisoners there, including Solzhenitsyn and his cell mate, were allowed to speak to one another, ever.

As time went on and as Solzhenitsyn was becoming weaker and weaker, he tried to think of a way to end his own life.  Because he didn’t want to commit suicide, he decided to try to escape.  Then. he would die from being shot by the prison guards, he had hoped.

On the very day when he planned to attempt his escape, in order to hopefully put an end to his life, something had happened.  One of the other prisoners had taken a piece of stick and had drawn on the dirt, a picture of a cross.

When Solzhenitsyn saw the cross, he said, “At that moment, the whole purpose of my existence dawned upon me. Because I realized that Jesus Christ shed His blood for me on that Cross.  That gave me the courage to live through my imprisonment.”  Shortly after that day, he had been released from the prison and had become a free man.

His story reminds me of the testimony below in which a man had been stopped from attempting suicide as well, while he was being tortured within a prison cell in Iran.




1 thought on “when at our lowest, He is there

  1. Candia

    Thanks for following my posts. He was a symbol of strength in the Seventies. Read several of his works.


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