Years ago, the sis had come back from Korea with some skincare products to give to the Mom and me. I wasn’t looking forward to anything but cosmetic goodies. One can’t have enough glitter makeup is all I gotsto say, yup.

Reason I wasn’t too excited about receiving any Korean skincare products is cuz they usually make me break out. My face is usually Crisco greasy. BUT for some reason, the skin around my lips is always dry. Even when I’m here on this humid island, there’s been times when that part of my face gets all dried up, that I have to practically scrape it off on both sides, and even use a tweezer to try to pull off the itty-bitty skin that’s flapping dry around my lips.

As you can imagine, I pretty much look like I’ve got whiskers. And when I’m anywhere where there’s winter weather, then I’m in big doo-doo. Cuz then, my lips start to crack along with the skin around my lips. So if I don’t smile at you and it’s under 40 degrees weather, now ya know the reason.

Back when I was in my 20s, I never wore lotion on my face. No moisturizers, cuz I just didn’t want the breakouts. But later on, when the chappyness around my lips started to get outta hand (too many whiskers!), I had no choice, but to search for a strong cream that didn’t have no funny stuff in ’em that would cause me to have breakouts. Most especially, I couldn’t put any sorta moisturizer on my face that was scented.

When it comes to Korean cosmetics, many of ’em have awesome scents. I mean, I could sniff ’em moisturizers, creams, emulsions, and tubes, like all day. They smell that great. Most of ’em smell like a blissful flowery garden. Imagine standing in a really clean grassy field (Mary Poppins style) and the scented flowers of all kinds are like blowing in the wind all around ya. That’s what I imagine whenever I get a whiff of most of ’em Korean skincare products.

But that’s all I do with ’em. I just sniff ’em and close their caps back on. I don’t want to get me no mega-zits voluntarily, no Sir-ree.

So when the sis had handed to me a dark green-colored cream container, I wasn’t expecting much. I opened it and sniffed. Aah…nice. But like the rest of ’em, I bet this one is patootey too. All hype, I bet. No real moisturizin’, just hype, fo sho. With that for-certain thought, I put that cream into one of my drawers to be stored to give to the Mom when she’s low on face creams later.

(The thing about the Mom is, she always uses her face stuffs very sparingly. So she’s using lotions and creams that’s supposed to last for like 6 – 8 months, I would guess, if she used ’em regularly. But cuz she wants to save ’em for when she’s gonna go somewhere special, she continues to use ’em for like 3 years long.)

One day, my whiskers were going outta hand like nuts. I think it was cuz I had used a too dry soap on my face for some days that had caused it.  My face was seriously flaky, yo. So I digged through my drawers to look for anything that might do the trick. I applied some lotions that I had. But all of ’em seemed to be too sheer or light, that they didn’t do nuthin’ to help them whiskers and chappyness much.

That’s when I remembered about that dark green-colored cream that the sis had bought for me. Hmm, let’s give it a try.

Friends, just like it says on the front of its container, it really was “Miracle Food” for my face. Nevermind Skinfood – it was Miracle Food, fo reals!

And just like the Mom, I had used that thingamajigger ever so sparingly. I can’t remember how long it took for me to use it up, but I was really bummed when I had scooped up the last amount left of it from its container.

So when the sis was goin’ to Korea again a few years later and had asked me what I would like for her to get for me, I gave her my answer right away. “Get me mo’ Miracle Food, yo! …And don’t forget to, or else you’re deadmeat!”, I had told her. Hehe. She didn’t forget, and I was a super-duper happy camper.

Then last year while I was in LA, I had come upon a plaza-like building (not quite big like a mall), that had the SKINFOOD sign on the outside of it. Get outta town! I can’t believe it!, I thought, as I quickly screeched my car to a brake and parked it. I gotsto get my booty in there for some SKINFOOD booty now! And so I did, taking back several containers of ’em to home with me. Yeah!

About a week ago, I had read in one of the Korean news medias that the store chain might be closing due to possible bankruptcy (tough competition with other major K-cosmetic brands).  Aaaaah! No, no, no!, was how I had felt about it, as I read the news.

Therefore, I’d like to share widchy’all about this wonderful brand of really great skincare, which is made with food products (such as fruits, veggies, honey, etc), so that you too can try it as well, if you might have similar sensitive facial skin and dryness like me, before the company possibly goes outta business sometime in the future.



Their U.S. website is here.  Per the website, they’re currently having a 20% off of their skincare products and Free Shipping for over $50 purchases.


Here is that awesome Miracle Food cream that’s truly exquisite.

These are 2 more creams, which I also use, and find to be fantabulous stuff also.


0.9 Moist Cream.  I love this one.  If perhaps your skin is okeedokee and you’re just needin’ to moisturize a bit after a shower, or before you head outside, I betcha you’ll love this cream also.  Not sure how to describe its texture.  Not too thick, but really cool and soothing to use daily.  But still creamier than your average face lotion that’s sold in a similar tube.  If perhaps you may be passing through the Incheon Airport in Korea, this is actually sold for less in a 3-pack.




Avocado Rich Massage Cream.  Because I was trying to find a cream that was similarly as “thick” as Miracle Cream, but with a lighter price tag, I tested just about all of the lotions and creams within the store in LA.  After trying ’em all, I had decided on this one.  Although it’s more than half the price of the Miracle Cream, I think that it’s about 80% the same great shabang.







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