the nice professor


A few years ago, I had went back to college.  Although I oh so very much enjoy “free writing” on this blog, I on the other hand, very much dislike writing papers, essays, or comments on my class’ Discussion Board.  Just…so…boring.  Most especially so cuz my grammar ain’t too great.

One professor had emphasized in his class rules info that he gives a failing grade to whomever turns in a paper late.  No exceptions.  I read that and went, Uh oh.

As I had written about in a previous post, I just about always turn in my college papers/essays late.  Can’t help it.  No matter how early I start on ’em, I get this writing phobia, and can’t get myself to finish ’em in time.  And those dagnabbit Bibliography pages are so annoying.  Where’d I get my data?  No problem, I’ll list ’em for ya.  But how come I gotsto write ’em each out with a period after the date, then another period after the material’s title, and then another period after…  Dagnabbit Bibliography page.  Makes me go berserk.

So inevitably, I had eventually turned in a paper late to that professor who had explicitly threatened to fail late papers.  I was sweatin’ bullets as I was trying really, really, really hard to click the Send button on my computer, in order to send my paper before the very last second it was due.  Really, I was sending it in on the very last second.  Maybe it was cuz my computer time wasn’t correct or maybe it was cuz my Internet speed was too slow.  But for whatever reason it was, my sending that paper in wasn’t within the time it was due.  I think the time had clocked about 2 seconds past its deadline time.

I remember sweating, fretting, and losing it.  All my hard work to succeed in this dude’s class and he’s gonna fail me cuz I couldn’t send my paper in time?!  Yes, I had cried on my keyboard.

Then the next morning, I revved up my computer and logged into the college’s website.  I peeked at my grade.  The dude gave my paper a D.

Well, I deserved it, I know.  But I still cried over my keyboard again that morning.  I was crushed.  Real forlorn and all.  I stared at my D and was in deep sorrow for quite some time.

For my other class, although this other professor didn’t make no failure threats for late papers, I was determined to turn in my final paper to him in time.  Yes, it will be On Time, if that’s the last thing I do!, I swore to myself.  Oh, what a phobia and big handicap it was for me to try to write college papers with proper grammar!  But ah, thank God!, I had been able to send it on time that time around!

Not only that, but the professor had even entered a comment about my paper to me too.  Because I had been so crushed over the D grade from the other professor for my other paper, it had meant so much to me to have received a nice comment about my paper from this professor.  He said:

“Great content, format, and structure.  You have done an excellent job relating these 3 topics and their impact from a human relations perspective.  Good job applying many of the concepts from the course.  Excellent amount of references.  Good grammar, punctuation, and spelling.”


Had that professor said his comment to me in person, I woulda replied, “Get outta town!  No kiddin’!  Ah, stop jivin’ me, yo!”  And I woulda probably fainted right after.

As I was cleaning out my bookshelf last month, I decided to throw out my old calendars, after flipping through their pages for any info I might need to write over to a current notebook.  It was on the page of that college year’s calendar, where I had found I had written that professor’s comment down, in order to remind myself of the good stuffs he had said to me about my final paper in his class then.

Yup, it was the definitely the highlight of my back-to-college time then.  Golly gee, that professor dude sho wuz a nice fella.  “Good content, format, and structure”?  Get outta town!  Stop pullin’ my leg!  Stop jivin’ me, yo!