to sandmoos ‘n beyond

Five years ago, I had begun my very first blog when I had discovered that writin’ was pretty fun stuff.  Totally digged it.  Had especially also enjoyed takin’ photos of the flowers along my neighborhood streets, in order to slap ’em onto my posts with.  (Am surprised none of them neighbors had shot me for leanin’ too far over their fences, as I was tryin’ to get a good shot of their fancy pansies ‘n roses.)

Although I had started and ended more than 20 blogs since my very first one (had lost count after the 20th one), the most memorable of ’em all was “untitled press”.  That had been the longest running one.  It was interesting how a vague title like that one had helped to lessen the burden of having to try to keep my posts’ topics to be restricted within the subject of its title.  But later on, even that one had gone bye-bye.

Then last year, I had decided to start up my hobby again.  Similarly to “untitled press”, I wanted to try to have me another vague blog title.  After much ponderin’, “sandmoos” was what I had finally come up with.  Yup, it does sound a bit corny.  Makes me think of Egypt or some other sandy location with moosey-like animals bounding about.  But even still, I am hopin’ to make this one be a keeper.

For those who’ve been following me since way back when, you’ve probably noticed that I have been recycling posts from my previous blogs.  Mostly, they be on Korean films and tunes.  ‘Tis due to my wantin’ to keep those stuffs available for me to watch and listen to again later, time to time.

To my fellow bloggers:

We each have our own unique voice in our post writings.  Therefore, let us write on!



Sharin’ some ‘o my flower photos with the tune “May” by Belle Epoque (please note: my video contains ultra-poor timing quality).