turning the pages of memories

One of the most popular Korean ballad songs of the 1990s was called “Turning the Pages of Memories”, which is by Lee Sun Hee.  After feeling honored that the North Korean art troupe had sang one of her songs during their performance during the Winter Olympics in South Korea, she had joined the group of singers who had performed in the “Spring Comes” Festival that had been held in North Korea afterwards.

During last week’s semi-final round on The King of Mask Singer show, one of the pairs who had competed against each other was “Mondrian” vs “Picasso”.  It was Picasso who had won to move on to the round.

When Mondrian had removed his mask to reveal his identity, it was Joochan, who is the lead vocalist in a group called “Golden Child”.

Many a-times, young Kpop singers come on this show to be able to express their ability to actually sing, due to their only having just seconds to sing when they’re performing their songs on stage with their other group members.  With a whopping 10 members in his group, it was good that Joochan had this opportunity to shine solo on stage for the very first time since his group had debuted in August of last year.


Joochan revealing his identity to the audience while singing “Turning the Pages of Memories”.  He said he had chosen to sing this song because it was his Mom’s favorite.



His full song with English lyrics.